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Health Benefits of Eggs and Best Egg Recipes

Health Benefits of Eggs : Egg Sounds Small and but contain many health and nutrition benefits in it. In this we(people) may ask some doubts on the benefits eggs.As we all Know Egg contains 2 part a yolk and a white coverings.Both parts has some pros and cons, well as we all says a coin has a bad part and a good part.However,Egg can be Used by Making Boiled Egg Recipe,Omelette recipes as well as Half Boiled,Egg Curry..etc like wise many recipes can be fused with Egg.

You Might Also Have Doubts on;
  • Are eggs good for you fattening?
  • Do eggs contain omega 3's?
  • What vitamins are in an egg?.
Lets Starts Discuss in details about health benefits of eggs.

Health Benefits of Eggs and Best Egg Recipes

Eggs can Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Eggs can helps to keep your heart beat in a healthier stage and maintains longer. However,One of the best and most exciting benefits of eggs is their ability to reduce the risk of heart disease and improve cardiovascular function.

Helps to Prevent Many Disease

In addition to their effect on metabolic syndrome, the eggs also contain naturally occurring carotenoids. However,People on diets rich in carotenoids have longer life spans and attains lower mortality from a number of chronic illnesses.Basically the Conditions included in metabolic syndrome maintains increased blood sugar levels or with excess body fat especially around the waist of men and as well as the Hips of women and abnormal cholesterol levels. Any one of these conditions might increases your risk of heart disease, stroke as well as diabetes.

Improves Your Eye Vision

Egg yolks (inner part) contains large amounts of lutein as well as zeaxanthin.  These are powerful antioxidants that build at retina of the eye.  As our age goes, once we becomes older,we lose these antioxidants and research shows that if you Maximise in consuming foods with both lutein and zeaxanthin, you can reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.However, egg contains both in plenty.

Eggs Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Even though it has been claimed that eggs yolks contain cholesterol which is bad for the heart and overall health, However the there is no association between eating eggs and heart disease or stroke as explained in Journal done by many researchers couple of years before.

Helps to Aid Your Weight Lose

Interestingly, it’s because of lutein! However its sounds likelutein is popular primarily for its role in human part of eye and skin health. Moreover a recent study has unveiled that lutein also may positive nutritious impact on a person’s physical activity level.

Do you know why eggs are a great food for us who want to lose weight in same manner?
Its a proven fact that their high protein content makes them filling, and it seem to be one of the health benefits of eggs to clearly be their aid in weight loss.its because of this lutein content in it and make us more powerful and nutritious.

Maintains Liver Function

Eggs are a very much rich choline food, which means they greatly assist in liver function as well as human brain development.Its the pure fact that the liver depends on choline to operate our liver function and brain function,mainly our liver function and one sign of a choline deficiency is poor liver function and we may tends to liver diseases,so,try to use one egg once in a week.

Support For Bones:

Eggs are yet a support source of Vitamin-D, which is often called as the sunshine vitamin.People used to say,Evening Sun will maintain our Vitamin D amount in our body.So,try to attain some sunshine during evening after 4 o'clock. For optimization of our bone health, you need to have attain some sort of vitamin D.Basically this vitamin even helps in absorption of calcium as well a promising role in preventing the risks of bone brittle.

Now.! Lets Prepare some Egg Recipes for our Loved Ones.

Egg Recipes are in plenty since the Masala or the filling makes them difference.Basically Eggs are very well in nutritious and help in treating Vitamin A as well as B12, and vitamin E deficiencies to us.we shall see some more variety best egg recipes for Breakfast,Lunch and For Dinner.

(1) Best 5 Egg recipes for Breakfast :

                                                              EGG CUSTARD : Preparation 


POACHED EGGS : Preparation 


ROLLED OMELET : Preparation 


STEAMED EGGS : Preparation 


SUNNY SIDE-UP : Preparation 


(2) Best 5 Egg recipes for Lunch:

Classic Pad Thai : Preparation

Classic Pad Thai

Rosti with Gribiche Sauce and Smoked Fish : Preparation

Rosti with Gribiche Sauce and Smoked Fish

Shrimp and Egg Fried Rice : Preparation

Shrimp and Egg Fried Rice

Southwestern Skillet Omelette : Preparation
Southwestern Skillet Omelette

Sundried Tomato Strata Bites : Preparation

Sundried Tomato Strata Bites

(3) Best 5 Egg recipes for Dinner :

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits : Preparations

Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuits

 Cauliflower Benedict : Preparations

Cauliflower Benedict

 Avocado Bagel : Preparations

Avocado Bagel

 Pimiento Cheese Deviled Eggs : Preparations

Pimiento Cheese Deviled Eggs

 Bacon and Cheese Strata : Preparations

Bacon and Cheese Strata

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