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Fusion Recipes : Parotta (Paratha) with French Omelette

Fusion Recipe : Parotta (Paratha) with French Omelette: Are you Looking For Parotta (Paratha) with French Omelette Recipe? It doesn't matters whatever the fusion recipe be.Every individual looks for something special for his/her dinner,breakfast or during noon meal time. Parotta (Paratha) with French Omelette is a kind of Dinner Recipe,You can Have it for breakfast also,not during noon time.

Why People Trust Restaurants for Variety Foods.? Why Can't they rush to their home for having something nice ah ?
Because every individual looks for Easy and Tasty Fast Food..!! Ha ha ha .. lol..

We works hard and earn money from any society of this beautiful world for getting a better life style,in which food plays a prominent role is it?
In this busy world people don't have any time to prepare some healthy and nutritious foods or have time for testing something kind of fusion dishes. That's why we basically trust restaurants or other source whatever or wherever it makes possible.we need to think something different and serve something special kind fusion foods for our loved ones.Now we shall discuss about an European and Asian fusion recipe.Take a look.!!!

Parotta (Paratha) with Egg Omelet

In this article we were discussing about a fusion recipe of Parotta (Paratha) with Egg Omlet. Parotta (Paratha) is hard to make,but it tastes sweet and not an healthy recipe,but Egg is tasty and healthy food with nutrients.Have you ever thought about making a fusion with these 2 recipes and make a much variety fusion food to our loved ones.

Ingredients for Parotta (Paratha) :

  • Maida - 4 cups (plain flour or all purpose flour)
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Oil - 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup, approx
  • Water as required

Ingredients for Egg Omelette:
  • For One Porotta 1 Omelette is Enough.
  • For 4 Cup Maida (Flour) You Can Prepare Upto 6 Porotta.
  • Egg - 6
  • Onion - 2
  • Green Chilies -2
  • Oil - As Required
  • Salt- As Required
  • Capsicum - Red and Yellow (Each 1)
  • Lettuce Leaf - As Per Requirement

Preparation :

You Have to Prepare Parotta (Paratha) and Egg Omelette Individually before make it a fusion recipe.

Preparation of Parotta (Paratha):


  • Take a Bowl,Drop your 4 Cup of Flour(Maida) and 1 Tea Spoon Salt in to it and Mix Well. Add Water as required for making it round roll and make a soft dough.
  • Once you able to make it round rolls,drop a tbsp of oil and mix into the dough.Allow them to set soft enough by covering it with a wet towel over the rolls for about 3-4 hours time.It should be like below procedure.

Parotta Preparation

  • After 4 hours take the rolls and stretch and spread it out super thin and as large as you can along with you must spread the oil.You must be noted that,6 Parotta (Paratha) or as much as you were preparing should be prepared at the same time, once it has been cooked,place each rosette and roll into a thick parotta, smearing oil as your roll out. 
  • Once you can see that Parotta Cooked well,place each Parotta on the work surface one by one  and using both your hands, crush them together similar to clapping action. This is done mainly for opening up the layers of the parotta,and sounds like it will be crunchy as well as soften.'
  • Place them in a casserole.
Preparation of Egg Omelette: 


  • Gently Beat the Egg's in to the Bowl.
  • Add a Pinch of Salt as required.
  • Slice the Green Chilies to the Bowl.
  • Beat the Mixings
  • Place the Pan and Start flaming and Mix the Egg Mixing in to pan and Make it Half Cooked.
  • In Other Pan,Cook Capsicum (Yellow and Red) and 2 Onion Well and Cook about 5 min, Don't make them brown add some salt as per required.
Now you have Parotta in Casserole,Half Cooked Egg in Pan and Other Capsicum + Onion Mix (fillings)
  • Place a Parotta in a Plate.
  • Place the Omelette over the Parotta.
  • Drop your Fillings-Omelette and Parotta in a Woven Format.
  • Roll them using Aluminium foil or Tissue paper as in above image.
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